Understanding Food Labels

Before buying any food from the departmental store, it is important to check for the labels on your food. It’s your right to be informed on what is in the food that you are procuring, how it has been produced and from where it has come. There are certain rules on food labelling. Labelling often makes vague claims making it difficult for customers to differentiate between foods produced using human practices and those undergoing unsubstantiated green washing.


Useful Food Labels: Those labels on your food item that uphold specific government requirementsusually have an organic seal. For a product to be certified as organic, it needs to certain specific standards. Here are some labels seen in regular natural or organic food products:http://www.znaturalfoods.com


-No Antibiotics: it refers to animal products that come from animals that don’t undergo antibiotic administration. Some of the large scale producers feed antibiotics to animals at low doses to promote growth and prevent diseases, causing serious threat to public health issues. This is often linked to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have the potential of making people sick and difficult to treat. Animals who receive antibiotics for any reason, their products cannot be certified as organic.


-No Hormones: This label refers to products that claim no use of hormones on the animals used as a food source. On the contrary, hormone free labels do not disclose what the animals are fed, or how they are raised.
Many countries prohibit the use of hormones on hogs and poultry, as hormone free labels may be misused to mislead shoppers to show products worth the higher price. With growing debate on health food, certain labels are used on milk products to indicate that cows and buffaloes did not receive and synthetic hormones. Processed foods items, available in your grocery stores may include genetically engineered ingredients as compared to znaturalfoods. Choosing wisely and carefully, after extensive market review should help you to ascertain buying quality natural foods.