How to plan your travel to and from the hotel

When you are planning to travel to a new city, you obviously need to stay in a hotel. So how do you choose the right hotel for you and your family? It is not enough that you look at the star rating of the hotel. If you are in the Philippines, we have given you two major pointers which would help you find good Cebu Philippines hotel which would provide you with good traveling facilities –

Parking services –

If you are a business traveler and have rent a car for ease of travel, then the most important thing to look for is a place to park. You would need good Cebu City Hotels that provide parking. Look for how much space can be availed. Some hotels might just give a few parking spaces while others might have a really large area. If you have a rental car or have travelled down in your own car, this would be a major problem if you have to search for parking space. You might also want to check how secure the parking is. And if there is a charge for parking or whether it is free.

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Shuttle services –

Now, let’s see what you should do if you are coming in by plane or train. You would need to see if the hotel has any kind of shuttle service. When you are on vacation with your family, you can’t always be taking cabs or private taxis. That could get quite pricey. The next alternative is to depend on shuttle services. But that is possible only if you go to excellent hotel accommodation in Cebu. So what you need to see is if the hotel provides shuttle services from the terminal when you arrive? Does it have any kind of services which might take you to the town center or any other key places in the city? Do you need to book for it beforehand or do they have services on a regular schedule during the entire day?