Bandar Q, what seems to hear peculiar is not peculiar, it’s fun!

The internet is the gateway to all kind of online gambling games. Improvement and technological advancement have shown people the way to widen the dimensions and gamble from home. The internet now has become a source of gambling where people come online to gamble by playing various kinds of online games like Bandar Q to place their bet and win prizes in cash or in other kind.

What is Bandar Q?

Bandar Q is an online city tour game where all the players are entitled to a bookie provided the money placed as bets and calls are huge. In a table of 1000, a bet money placed of $50,000 can become a Bandar. Playing Bandar Q is as easy as water.

bandar q

Rules for the players

Bandar q is the same as kiu ciu unlike kiu ciu where the players use 4 domino cards, here the players will be having 2 cards of domino only. There are 28 cards in a domino each having different values on it. Bandar Q is played by players ranging from 2 to 8 in number where one becomes the bookie. The players are given chances to look or peek into their cards once all the players receive both their cards, the players are then asked to show their cards after showing of which the winner of the game with a higher value of cards is declared just like a domino q game.

How to determine the winner of the table?

The winner is thus determined whether a player has a greater number of cards than the dealer for which the dealer pays the play his amount of bet. If the number of cards with the dealer or the city is greater then, the city receives the same amount of bet placed by the players. Bandars tend to win if the player’s value of cards matches with that of the Bandar. When the city’s value of cards combined is 9 then all the players are to pay to the dealer of the game.

It gets interesting in the due course of time, it’s addictive!

This gets interesting in the due course of time as the game is based on permutations and combinations and probabilities. Similar games like the Adu Q seem to draw in people and make them place their money on the games.